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Clean Energy. Sensible Power.

Clean energy. Delivered.

Unbeatable Energy Efficiency Solution

Cense Products

Ether Wall Home storage

Portable Power Stations

A reliable and durable solar generator from small size to big power. Powered by premium LFP batteries. Used to power devices and home equipment for home backup, offgrid and emergency outdoor situations.

Ether Wall Home storage

Ether Wall Home Storage

Automotive grade Life-Po4 cells which have higher density. Upto 30.72kWh large capacity. Superior and reliable Battery management and optimization system.

All-In-One Stackable

How it works

Offgrid Residential Energy Storage System

Store Energy

Charge your our Energy Storage Products using solar panels or charge from the utility.

Use Storage

Enjoy flexibility by using stored energy anytime, day or night, whenever you need it.


Safe & Reliable Battery

LFP Battery System with higher density. Long cycle life and excellent performance.


Flexible Storage Capacity

You can use batteries in parallel at the same time, and can easily expand to a maximum of 20kwh for your use


Easy Installation

Integrated inverter & battery, all-in-one design for installation, greatly reducing investment and maintenance costs.


Safety & Security

Use enhanced security features and multiple safety protection functions from hardware to software.